BS in Public Health Education

Program Overview

Public health is the science of preventing disease, promoting health and prolonging life within entire populations. These populations can be as small as a neighborhood or community, or even as big as a country or region of the world. 

Unlike clinicians who treat patients individually after they become sick, public health professionals work to identify the root causes of health problems and then implement large-scale solutions to prevent injury or illness. Although the field of public health is vast with many opportunities to find your niche, public health professionals:

    • Monitor health
    • Identify and investigate health problems
    • Conduct research to enhance prevention
    • Advocate for, develop and evaluate public health policies
    • Implement prevention strategies
    • Promote healthy behaviors and environments
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The online Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education degree provides a foundation in these core areas of public health with a focus on addressing health disparities, including race/ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status. 

Designed for students who seek to make changes in communities — and find solutions to today's health problems — completion of this degree prepares students for health-related positions, graduate school or professional school. 


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2020-2021 Tuition* & Fee Rates
Credits In-State Out-of-State Outside NC
3 $558.00 $2,094.39 $1,006.17
6 $1,116.00 $4,188.78 $2,012.34
9 $1,674.00 $6,283.17 $3,018.51
12 $2,232.00 $8,377.56 $4,024.68

*Online Tuition and Fees listed are Distance Learning Tuition and Fees and apply to courses that are identified as Distance Learning and are not identified as Main Campus or Main Campus Web delivery. For more detailed information please review the current tuition and fees chart here.)

In-State rates apply to online students who live in and are permanent residents of North Carolina. In-state rates may also apply to government employees (such as members of the military) who live outside North Carolina but maintain legal residence in the state. Permanent residents can prove they have established and maintained residence in the state for at least 12 months.

Out-Of-State rates apply to online students who live in North Carolina and are NOT permanent residents of North Carolina.

Outside NC rates apply to online students who live outside North Carolina and are NOT permanent residents of North Carolina. Most students living in a state other than North Carolina are eligible for this rate.

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