Outside NC Tuition

Online programs offer an additional value to students who receive instruction outside the state of North Carolina. If you are enrolled in an online program at UNC Greensboro but live outside North Carolina, you may be eligible to receive a special tuition rate termed “Outside NC” (ONNC).

How residency determination works

The N.C. Residency Determination Service (RDS) is responsible for all classifications of residency for tuition purposes in North Carolina. To be eligible for the ONNC tuition rate, you must receive an official RDS designation. The ONNC attribute is added at the time of admission by Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School. If you change your RDS classification or RDS address after admission to the program, the University Registrar’s Office will add the attribute to your record if applicable. The Registrar’s Office will query RDS for address changes three times a semester: 

  • The day before initial billing
  • The day before final billing
  • The final day of schedule adjustment*

*UNCG will not review RDS designations or addresses beyond this date in a given term. 

Fall and Spring tuition and fee calculations are based on your program campus and residency classification. Summer tuition and fee calculations are based on your course campus and residency classification.