Online Learning at UNCG

Why Learn Online?

Of all the options for earning a degree today, online learning is the fastest-growing. There's good reason for that, and it goes beyond affordability.

Academic Quality

There's no question that online courses at UNC Greensboro match traditional courses in academic quality and rigor — and consistently achieve the same learning objectives. Simply stated, students learn as much — and as well — online as they do face-to-face. 


UNC Greensboro's online programs feature courses that are asynchronous, meaning that there are no set class times. So instead of having an 8:00 class, you have the flexibility to go through the course material when it works best for you. You'll still have deadlines for assignments, of course, but you're not required to log on for class at a certain time of day.

UNC Greensboro's online courses employ the latest in rich multimedia content and are taught by the same faculty who teach on campus. Advanced technology allows you to interact with professors and classmates easily.

Student Support

If you're intimidated by the thought of going back to college, you're not alone. Earning your degree doesn't have to be scary, though. The online format offers you flexibility and convenience, but we're serious about your success. In addition to your academic advisor, UNCG's online courses have access to the same resources on-campus students have to help you stay on track.

Are Online Courses the Right Fit?

Our Ready to Learn modules make it easy to review the preferences, skills, and considerations that are unique to online success. Check out each module to explore the classroom, technology, and lifestyle distinctions between online and in-class learning.