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Taking a break from being a full-time student? A gap year doesn't have to mean a gap in learning! Bridge the gap by enrolling in an online course. You can still make progress towards your degree, one class at a time.

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Transfer your credits or enroll as a full-time student when you're ready for as little as $558 per course. Learn about a few seven-week online courses from the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Bachelor of Science in Integrated Professional Studies below.

BLS Favorites

Here are a few of our favorite Liberal Studies courses:

  • Ethics & Technology (BLS 363) — Examine ethical problems posed by technology. Questions you’ll explore include: How has technology changed our lives? Is this change good? How might the law and ethics adapt to technological changes in the present and near future? Each topic in this course is based upon technologies currently in use or in development for use in the near future.
  • Representing Women (BLS 348) — Focuses on women as producers, consumers, and subjects of visual culture. You’ll examine the Feminist art movement, Feminist critiques of popular culture, and the significance of visual representation to political representation.
  • Life, Death, and Meaning (BLS 366) — Dive deep into self-reflection and ask yourself: What is the meaning of life? Is my life meaningful or meaningless? Should I fear death? Is immortality really worth seeking? Do humans have an obligation to perpetuate their species? You’ll explore plays, poems, art, literature, and films that apply or illustrate existential philosophy.
  • Reading the Human Experience (BLS 321) — Explore individual experience, interpersonal relationships, and cultural identity through the reading and critical analysis of works of short fiction from the 19th through the 21st centuries. Works are featured by canonical and contemporary American authors and authors from various minority and ethnic-American backgrounds.

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IPS Favorites

Here are a few of our favorite Integrated Professional Studies courses:

  • Working in Virtual Teams (IPS 405) — Learn about different methods to communicate and collaborate as a team when working in diverse locations. You’ll discuss establishing success factors, dealing with conflict, managing a project, and much more. The team project in this class is designed to give you hands-on experience on a virtual team, putting into action what you learn.
  • Understanding Data (IPS 303) — You’ll learn to identify, analyze, use, and interpret data to solve problems and make decisions. Explore interactive data activities, case studies, videos, lectures, and dialogue with your peers.
  • Global Awareness and Intercultural Competence (IPS 305) — In today’s world, cultural competence and empathy are more important than ever. Increase your global awareness and learn how to use empathy effectively when working with other cultures.
  • Self-Awareness (IPS 306) — Focus on your path to personal success. Identify your values, assess your skills, and learn about your personality characteristics — and then apply them to your work and vision for life.

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