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College is an investment in your future, but our goal is to give you an outstanding education at a reasonable cost. A quality education doesn’t have to come with sticker stock. You'll find our costs to be competitive with those of other top-tier universities.

Financial Aid

Funding an education at any level can be a challenge. We offer a range of financial aid opportunities to assist with costs, including federal programs, scholarships, grants, loans and work-study.

Estimated Tuition & Fees (2021-22)


Credits In-State Outside NC Out-of-State
1 $222 $406 $854
3 $666 $1,218 $2,560
6 $1,331 $2,436 $5,120
9 $1,996 $3,654 $7,680
12 $2,661 $4,872 $10,240


Credits In-State Outside NC Out-of-State
1 $336 $626 $1,098
3 $1,006 $1,876 $3,293
6 $2,012 $3,752 $6,585
9 $3,018 $5,627 $9,877
  • In-State  This rate applies if you’re a legal resident of North Carolina.

  • Outside NC* —This rate applies if you're not a legal resident of North Carolina and receive online education outside NC. (Learn more about the Outside NC tuition rate.)

  • Out-of-State —This rate applies if you’re not a legal resident of North Carolina and receive online education in NC.

*International students living outside the United States who are enrolled in our online programs pay the Outside NC rate. Any added taxes, including Value Added Tax, are the responsibility of the student. Learn more about the Outside NC tuition rate.

Tuition differentials are charged for the following courses/programs:

  • MBA, MSA, ISM & SCM (600 Level), MS International Business, and PhD Business Administration: $200 per Credit Hour
  • MS Retail Studies: $120 per Credit Hour
  • MS Informatics & Analytics: $150 per Credit Hour
  • MS Sustainability & Environment: $100 per Credit Hour
  • MA Applied Economics: $60 per Credit Hour
  • MLIS: $20 per Credit Hour

Health Insurance

UNC Greensboro does not require health insurance for students who take courses fully online. Because online students are not assessed the same fees as those taking courses on campus, they are not eligible to participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan.


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