BS in Integrated Professional Studies

You Don't Have Time for B.S.*

What's holding you back from earning your bachelor's degree?

  • Being Stuck in a job?
  • The fear of Big Spending?
  • Worried about having to make Big Sacrifices?
  • Or taking on a Brutal Schedule?
  • Maybe you just find yourself Being Scared?

If you answered yes to any of these, you need the B.S. without the B.S.*

Introducing UNC Greensboro’s Bachelor of Science in Integrated Professional Studies (BIPS) new fully online program. It’s the B.S. without the B.S.*  No more being stuck, no big spending, and no brutal schedules.

BIPS offers 7-week courses and uses hands-on projects to teach practical, in-demand skills. You'll focus on learning by doing to become a T-shaped professional—someone with the depth and breadth to succeed in today's workplace.

You’ll broaden your skills through six core courses, including Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Understanding Data. Then you’ll connect those broad skills to courses in a focus area that aligns with your career goals.

Relevant, In-demand Skills

  • Innovative, real-world curriculum
  • Features 6 core courses with 4 focus areas
  • Develops marketable T-shaped professionals

Interactive Online Courses

  • Learn with real-world projects and case studies
  • Use online tools to engage with faculty and classmates
  • Think critically, interpret data, solve problems

Study Online, 7 Weeks at a Time

  • Developed for working professionals
  • Courses last 7 weeks and have no set class times
  • Take General Education courses and electives in compressed or full-semester format

Support Team

  • Create a clear path to your graduation
  • Customize based on your goals and interests
  • Connects you to campus resources


Online undergraduate courses at UNC Greensboro (UNCG) are priced lower than our face-to-face classroom courses. You'll find our costs to be competitive with those of other top-tier universities.

2020-2021 Tuition* & Fee Rates
Credits In-State Out-of-State Outside NC
3 $558.00 $2,094.39 $1,006.17
6 $1,116.00 $4,188.78 $2,012.34
9 $1,674.00 $6,283.17 $3,018.51
12 $2,232.00 $8,377.56 $4,024.68

*Online Tuition and Fees listed are Distance Learning Tuition and Fees and apply to courses that are identified as Distance Learning and are not identified as Main Campus or Main Campus Web delivery. For more detailed information please review the current tuition and fees chart here.)

In-State rates apply to online students who live in and are permanent residents of North Carolina. In-state rates may also apply to government employees (such as members of the military) who live outside North Carolina but maintain legal residence in the state. Permanent residents can prove they have established and maintained residence in the state for at least 12 months.

Out-Of-State rates apply to online students who live in North Carolina and are NOT permanent residents of North Carolina.

Outside NC rates apply to online students who live outside North Carolina and are NOT permanent residents of North Carolina. Most students living in a state other than North Carolina are eligible for this rate.

Learn More About the B.S. without the B.S.*

Ready for a closer look at the online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Professional Studies? Our brochure provides complete program details, admission deadlines, start dates, and graduation requirements. 

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* Being Stuck, Big Spending, Brutal Schedule, Big Sacrifice, or Being Scared

Live outside North Carolina?

Currently, UNC Greensboro is authorized to offer online education in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Find out more about State Authorization — a law that regulates in which states colleges and universities can offer education.
UNC Greensboro does not guarantee that programs which fulfill North Carolina licensure requirements will satisfy the criteria of professional licensure boards in other states or territories. For further explanation, visit Professional Licensure.
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