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Explore the degree requirements for the online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Philosophy concentrates on four areas:

  • Logic: Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  • Theory of Knowledge: What do we know, and how do we know it?
  • Ethics: What makes actions moral? And how should we live our lives?
  • Metaphysics: What is the basic stuff of reality, and what is its structure?

The philosophy major strengthens logical reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical skills, as well as ethical reasoning. It also heightens moral awareness.

Program Details

  • 120 credit hours, to include at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level
  • Minimum of 27 credits in philosophy courses, including at least 24 credits above the 100 level and at least 18 credits above the 200 level

General Education Core Requirements

Visit the Undergraduate Bulletin for details.

Major Requirements

  • PHI 310 Introduction to Formal Logic
  • PHI 251 History of Ancient Philosophy
  • PHI 342 History of Modern Philosophy
  • PHI 494 Senior Capstone Course

Additional Major Courses (15 credit hours)

Philosophy courses can be divided into four basic groups: Logic, The Theory of Knowledge, Metaphysics, and Ethics. Explore the course options or choose the Pre-law Concentration below.

Optional Pre-law Concentration (15 credit hours)

  • PHI 115 Critical Thinking
  • PHI 331 Social and Political Philosophy
  • Select one from the following:
    • PHI 319 Knowledge, Truth, and Belief
    • PHI 325 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
  • Select one* from the following:
  • Select one from the following:
    • PHI 362 Vice, Crime, and American Law
    • PHI 335 Philosophy of Law
    • PHI 336 Philosophy of Crime and Punishment

*If you use a 100-level course to satisfy this requirement, the minimum number of credits needed to complete the Prelaw Concentration increases from 27 to 30.

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Skills that Give You Career Options

What do a former FDIC chair, Wikipedia co-founder, journalist, and retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court have in common? They all have philosophy degrees.

Learn why a Bachelor’s in Philosophy works for many careers.

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