Courses | BA in Peace and Conflict Studies

Explore the degree requirements for the online Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Program Details

  • 120 credit hours, to include at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level
  • This program is for students who have 30+ hours of transferable college credit. See the suggested course plan.

General Education Core Requirements

Visit the Undergraduate Bulletin for details.

Major Requirements

  • PCS 205 Violence in the Modern World
  • PCS 305 Foundations of Peace & Conflict Studies
  • PCS 308 Working Through Interpersonal Conflicts
  • PCS 309 Conflict & Culture
  • PCS 311 Conflict Research
  • PCS 215 Conflict Transformation
  • PCS 218 Managing Conflict in Professional Contexts
  • PCS 415 Global Peacebuilding
  • PCS 416 Practicum I (4 credit hours)
  • PCS 420 Senior Seminar

Cognate Courses (select two)

  • PCS 405 Localizing Peace
  • PCS 406 Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Response for Sustainability
  • PCS 418 Peacebuilding Challenges in a Complex World
  • PCS 433 Restorative Justice: Theory & Models
  • PCS 440 Social Entrepreneurship: Justice and a Green Environment
  • PCS 456 Sports, Conflict, & Peacebuilding
  • PCS 479 Gender & Peacebuilding
  • PHI 115 Critical Thinking
  • PHI 121 Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHI 222 Ethics in the Computer Age
  • PHI 331 Social & Political Philosophy
  • PSC 105 Exploring Political Issues
  • PSC 440 Nonprofit Management & Leadership
  • ATY 213 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 201 Social Problems
  • SOC 429 Collective Violence & Nonviolence in Global Perspective
  • REL 101 Introduction to Religious Studies
  • BLS 383 Religious Resistance to Political Power
  • BLS 386 Women, War, & Terror
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Learn to Manage and Prevent Conflict

It seems that conflict is everywhere these days, but there is some good news. You can learn to create peace and resolve conflict — skills that will come in handy in your career, your home, and your community. Learn how you can develop these important skills.

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