program overview

The online Master of Science in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies with a concentration in Global Apparel Supply Chain Management examines apparel and retail issues with a focus on behavior, marketing and product development.

  • 100% online degree
  • Offers practical learning experience
  • Thesis and non-thesis options

This degree gives graduates the relevant and immediately marketable skills to stand out in the highly competitive field of global apparel management. With emphasis on the global industry supply chain, students develop skills for making decisions and solving industry problems based on consumer trends.


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2016–2017 Online** Tuition & Fee Rates

Credit Hours In-State Out-Of-State


North Carolina*

3 $1,178.82 $3,156.63 $1,931.31
6 $2,357.64 $6,313.26 $3,862.62
9 $3,536.46 $9,469.89 $5,793.93
12 $4,715.28 $12,626.52 $7,725.24

*Outside North Carolina means education is received in a state other than North Carolina. Most students not living in North Carolina will fall into this category.

** Online Tuition and Fees listed are Distance Learning Tuition and Fees and apply to courses that are identified as Distance Learning and are not identified as Main Campus or Main Campus Web delivery. For more detailed information please review the current tuition and fees chart here.)


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